Customer Appreciation Days


Thursday, September 5th from 9am-6pm

Friday, September 6th from 9am-6pm

Saturday, September 7th from 8am-3pm



Plant Specials

Grilling Burgers/Hotdogs

from 10:30a-5:30p (10:30a-2p on Saturday)

On-Site Designers

BIGGEST SALES EVENT OF THE YEAR. This is our way to celebrate you! We’re grateful for your business and the relationships we’ve shared. Enjoy plant sales, free food, games and more! With on-site designers available each day, now is the time to dream big and hand-select some of your favorite plant varieties.

Is it okay to Plant in the Fall? Yes! Fall is a great time to plant, because the ground is still warm from the summer, allowing the roots to establish without the scorching heat. 

(For The Kids)

HELP! OUR GNOMES ARE MISSING. They’ve gone mad and are hiding in our gardens, refusing to come out! We need your help to bring them back safely. Big reward for everyone who helps us find them.

Experience Everett's Gardens

Upcoming Events & Classes


Opening Day

April 1, 2023


Sorry I Have Plants This Weekend

April 23, 2024


Pot It Like It's Hot

May 7, 2024


Annual Planters Workshop

May 14 & 18, 2024