Our Story

Written by Brian Diemer, Owner/Vice President

Est. 2018

Everett’s Gardens is finally a reality!

We’ve been dreaming for years of having a place where customers could see and purchase our amazing plants!

On June 1st, 2018 we opened the doors to a unique new facility across from Brew Park Soccer Fields a mile east of Tanger Outlet Mall in Byron Center, Michigan.

Everett’s Landscape Management, Inc.’s process over the years of purchasing unique plants has been inspirational and successful! We personally view and then tag the “Cream of the Crop” from nurseries all over Michigan and the United States. We see firsthand what these prime plants look like when they are at their best! We bring them in, hold them and grow them on until they get designed into the perfect landscape where they will thrive!

We “move” most of our plants through personal meetings, designing and matching customer needs with the proper selection of plants. Many of our customers have come to our “secret” nursery to see what we’re proposing for their home and they were able to personally “tag’ their favorite specimens. Most have been surprised to find such a nice nursery with amazing plants “tucked” back off the beaten path! They fall in love with the plants and can’t wait to bring them to their home! In a sense, we have become like an adoption agency for plants! Our plants have been purchased and nurtured to provide an amazing value to the future owner.

A problem for us has been having a place to display our plants to people who would like to do their own landscaping. Our “Home Base” is not set up well to receive customer walk-ins. It’s more of a growing facility where our plants keep getting nurtured as they grow in size and value. We have desired a place that would be able to house, display and allow plants to grow in value and maturity until they’re sold. We wanted free access for customers to be able to “browse,” finding clear labeling and prices, so they could make selection and purchasing decisions. This “dream place” exists now!

Everett’s Gardens, nestled into the “Foothills” of Southern Kent County, is our new home for our amazing plants! An added bonus is that we have created and will keep creating specialized gardens where we inspire and show how these plants can be used! We like to have fun and that shows! Come see for yourself!

We pride ourselves in providing plant experts on staff who are knowledgeable and passionate about plants, whether they are perennials, shrubs or shade trees! They will help “walk-in” customers make plant selections based on site and soil conditions, amount of light, moisture and even wildlife interactions! We will help customers find the right plant for the right area. This is why Everett’s Gardens is the place “Where Plant Lovers Go!”

Our Core Values

A Can Do Attitude.

No matter the circumstance, we will do everything in our power to get the job done for our customers! Everett instilled a can do attitude into this company in 1956 and that holds true today.


It's important to have team members who are passionate about what they do. When you have passion for what you're doing, it gets done right. Love what you do and do what you love!

Excellent Customer Service.

Excellent customer service allows us to keep strong relationships with our customers. We have real people answering our phones in order to keep that personable touch, and we're always willing to listen and help in any way we can.


Our main focus is strong relationships with our customers. This means being 100% honest with every situation good or bad. If we do something wrong, we believe in taking ownership and fixing the situation honestly.

Exceeding Expectations.

We love dreaming with our customers. Dreaming together allows us to pin point what the needs are and how we can go above and beyond their needs to give them the wow factor they’ve been looking for!


Strong relationships are what we strive to form with our customers. In order to create strong relationships, there must be trust. Today, we still have customers from when Everett’s was founded in 1956. That’s over 60 years of trust, wow!

Professional Workmanship.

Each of our Everett’s team members goes through a training process upon hire. We believe professional workmanship is shown through our people who know each stage of the landscape process. The detail is in the work!

“A great place to get Michigan Native trees. I had been to 6 other places and couldn't find the native maple I was looking for. Everett's had a whole section of native trees and their prices are outstanding. Customer service was amazing. I will be returning to Everett's for all my trees and bushes from now on.”