Planting Guide & Warranty

Give your plants the best start!

Planting Guide

Planting directions below can be applied to both containerized and balled and burlapped plants.

1) Dig the hole 12” wider than the edge of the soil/rootball. Depth is determined by the height of the soil/rootball. The top of the soil/rootball should be 1-3” above the existing grade, when planting in clay soils the soil/rootball should be 3-6” above existing grade.

2) Place plant in the hole and remove the any rope and burlap from the top of the rootball. Bend the wire basket tabs back away from the top of the rootball. It is okay to tuck extra burlap down around the rootball into the hole.

3) Begin to backfill the hole with the original soil. Backfilling should be done in three layers, compacting the soil between each layer preventing air pockets and future soil settling. It also helps to stabilize the plant. The top layer of soil should be filled to the existing grade of the ground.

4) Once the plant is in the ground, apply 3” of mulch. Do not allow mulch to come in contact with the base of the plant.

5) Water in your fresh planting once finished. For trees, remove the nozzle from your hose, place it about 6” from the base of the tree and turn on a trickle of water (1/2”) for about 15 minutes to allowing deep root drenching to occur.

How it Works

Plant Warranty

All plants must be cared for according to our guidelines in order for warranties to apply. All returns must be made within 2 days of purchase to be issued a merchandise credit only, no credit adjustments or cash returns.
  • All clearance plants sales are final.
  • Plants are living things that require watering and proper care. Everett’s Gardens reserves the right to decline warranty replacements if necessary conditions are not met after purchase. Your plants need your help to transition into their forever home and we are here to help! If you are unsure of how to care for your plants, please ask one of our plant specialists for more information.
  • Merchandise credit for all perished plant material only.
  • Trees & Shrubs planted by Everett’s Gardens/Everett’s Landscape will have a one year warranty. When planted by the homeowner trees and shrubs will have a 90 day warranty and a shared warranty after 90 days. For up to one year we will cover half of the cost of a new replacement plant, the other half will be covered by the purchaser.
  • Perennials, Roses, Fruit Trees, Blueberries and Raspberries all have a 30 day warranty.
  • We do not warranty plants kept above ground in containers, Fanciful Gardens, annuals or tropical plants. 
  • What to do if your plant is declining: If you notice your plant declining you should first take one picture close up of the damage/browning then take a few steps back and take a picture of the whole plant. Please send any pictures and concerns on plant health to [email protected]. Our plant specialists will evaluate the pictures and get back to you in regards to the next step.

“ Beautiful setting and great plant selection.”

—Gary Boverhof