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Getting Ready This Spring

April 25, 4:30pm-5:30pm


One of the overwhelming questions we get every spring is, “What in the world do I need to do with my garden/landscaping?”

In this class we will address questions on when to prune certain plants, what to look for, when to fertilize and so much more! Get your Garden/Landscape off to the right start this season by staying ahead and knowing what to look for!

Led By: Leslie Hammond

Feeding the Landscape

May 2, 4:30pm-5:30pm


“My garden looks good but how do I get that ‘wow’ factor?”

Sometimes all your plants need is a little extra love to achieve that full and lucious look. But how do you get there? It’s important to remember that plants, like people, need the right nutrients to live a healthy life. Learn from Brian as he speaks more on specific plant needs and how you can achieve optimal plant health.

Led By: Brian Keuning

Pruning Basics

June 27, 4pm-5pm
July 1, 10am-11am


“I think I need to prune this branch but I’m not sure!”

Discover the correct times to prune your plants with Leslie as she goes over the key practices while pruning. She will help you be able to identify disease, unnecessary branching, thinning and much more!

Led By: Leslie Hammond

Hydrangea Pruning

July 18, 4pm-5pm
July 22, 10am-11am


To prune or not to prune?!

This is the overwhelming question with hydrangeas right? Some varieties need to be pruned back while others can be left alone. Engage with Brian as he shares helpful hints for what to look for and how you’ll know when or if to prune your hydrangeas and how to best care for them all year long.

Led By: Brian Keuning

Upright Evergreen Care

August 8, 4pm-5pm


Do you have any declining evergreens or wish they were doing better?

Join Leslie as she shares helpful tips/tricks to upright evergreen care and overall plant health. She’ll go over, how to diagnose disease, pest management, and more!

Led By: Leslie Hammond

Specialty Conifers

August 15, 4pm-5pm


Specialty Conifers are all the rage! Not only do they allow for winter interest but they can be uniquely beautiful in a garden or landscape.

Join Brian as he shares how to chose the perfect specialty conifer for a specific location where it will thrive! Expand your landscape design to utilize the beauty of specialty conifers.

Led By: Brian Keuning

Customer Appreciation Days


September 7, 4pm-5pm
September 8, 3pm-4pm
September 9, 11am-12am

We will be offering FREE Classes during our Customer Appreciation Days events and will have guest speakers to share their knowledge on everything plants! Stay tuned for more specifics on these classes

“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Beautiful grounds too!”

—Kathy Hazeltine