June 14, 2022

Brian Keuning’s Plant Picks of the Week

Every week we’re publishing a NEW Plant Picks of the Week story, showcasing our Plant Specialists’’ top plant picks. Get ready to be inspired!

We recently asked Brian Keuning to share his top plant picks. Here’s what he had to say:

Vitifolium Fullmoon Maple

Acer japonicum ‘Vitifolium’

A compact cutleaf tree of the finest caliber, renowned for its brilliant fall colors on very lacy, delicate palm-shaped leaves; a phenomenal fall accent tree with no equals for home landscape use

White Fir

Abies concolor

One of the most beautiful and adaptable firs, but not for every location; avoid hot or dry sites; good bluish-white color and neat spire-like shape, excellent for articulation and color in the landscape

Steeplechase Arborvitae

Thuja ‘Steeplechase’

An uncommon garden evergreen with showy, dark glossy green foliage on upswept branches; ideal as an accent, hedge or screen, takes pruning well; protect from drying winter winds

Golden Colonnade® Ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba ‘JFS-UGA2’

A stunning feature tree with unique fan-shaped leaves; develops a narrow oval form with a strong central leader; bright golden-yellow fall color; a male selection that is observed to be seedless; a great choice for home landscape or street use

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