Brian Keuning’s Plant Picks of the Week

Every week we’re publishing a NEW Plant Picks of the Week story, showcasing our Plant Specialists’’ top plant picks. Get ready to be inspired!

We recently asked Brian Keuning to share his top plant picks. Here’s what he had to say:

Shadblow Serviceberry 

Amelanchier canadensis 

A naturally beautiful small tree, ideal for small home landscapes; masses of showy white flowers in spring, edible berries in June, and amazing fall color add up to a versatile landscape plant 

Exclamation! London Planetree

Platanus x acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’ 

Selected for its uniform, upright pyramidal habit and attractive foliage; densely branched with a moderate growth rate; beautiful white and brown mottled bark; best in larger landscapes; very resistant to frost cracking and disease 

Baldsmith Japanese Maple  

Acer palmatum ‘Baldsmith’ 

A superb small home landscape tree with beautiful soft green leaves that last through the season turning brilliant orange in fall, artistic spreading habit of growth; a fine choice for small home landscapes and shrub gardens 

Dolce® Cherry Truffles Coral Bells

Heuchera ‘Cherry Truffles’ 

Compact mounds of beautiful, bright red, heavily ruffled leaves that mature to burgundy-red in summer; light pink flowers; amazing contrast to other plants; great versatility; keep soil moist in heat of summer 

Sugar Shack® Button Bush

Cephalanthus occidentalis ‘SMCOSS’ 

An interesting native shrub with most unusual flowers, hundreds of tiny tubular flowers packed into a ball; a great conversation piece when in bloom; fruit persists into winter and add interest; an excellent choice for very wet sites

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